Regicide (The Completionist Chronicles Book 2)

The Humor book Regicide (The Completionist Chronicles Book 2) is written by Dakota Krout and has 421 pages. We recommend this Action and Adventure book as it’s filled with mythical and legendary characters – Explore the world, main character(s) and their decisions through the book!

Artifacts that can change the world. Rituals that can make them. Kings that refuse to reconcile.

After the encounter at the Mage's College, Joe's name has become well-known in Eternium. While the majority of his guild is ecstatic over the bonuses that he brings them, not everyone is pleased with his rising influence. In fact, someone has been spreading rumors that Joe is unbalanced, sacrificing comrades for personal power.

As a result, Joe is forced to recruit a team of misfits and discovers that their unique abilities complement his own. With their assistance, Joe moves forward with his plans to specialize into a more powerful version of his Ritualist class.

When the dust settles, he will be forced to ask himself a simple question: was it his actions that lit the fires of war?

About the Author Dakota Krout - Author of the best-selling Divine Dungeon and Completionist Chronicles

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