Pay Penance: A Maeve Tidewell Psychic Suspense

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for an action and adventure book in the Thriller genre, and have likable characters! The book, Pay Penance: A Maeve Tidewell Psychic Suspense is written by K.L. Barnes with a great story build up! It has Print length‏:‎278 pages and is published by unknown source. We hope you enjoy this book, and please drop a comment!


He has waited long enough to take his revenge.

Maeve Tidewell faces the most terrifying days of her life. And she’s already been through more than her share.
She has finally started feeling secure in her life and relationship when the threatening text messages begin. Ignoring the possibility that she might be in danger, Maeve leaves herself open to a deadly predator.

Alone, injured and confined in the dark, Maeve gambles on intuition and the strong bond she has with the man she loves. Maeve must reach out with her mind to connect with the only person who can save her before time runs out.

Terry H. Says, "I’m addicted to K.L. Barnes! - The suspense, the commitment these characters have to one another, and the almost psychic connections they share make for one of the best suspense series I’ve read.”  Click the BUY Button Now To See Why

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