Pay Attention: A Maeve Tidewell Psychic Suspense

Pay Attention: A Maeve Tidewell Psychic Suspense is a must read book that you won’t want to put down! K.L. Barnes does a fantastic job in develping the world, and amazing character building! The book Pay Attention: A Maeve Tidewell Psychic Suspense is in the Thriller genre(s) and have you won’t want to miss! This book has Print length‏:‎267 pages and is published by Publisher‏:‎K.L. Barnes Publishing (April 9, 2014)! We encourage you to read this book, and see leave us a review on the comments below!


How Far Would You Go To Protect The Ones You Love?

Maeve Tidewell has a gift, of sorts. She sees glimpses of the future in her dreams. It never occurred to her that this ‘gift’ might be the thing that would end her life.

But the glimpses she is catching now are telling her she is going to have to fight like hell to survive.

Kidnapped and held captive by a disturbed man from her past, Maeve wonders just how far she is willing to go to protect everything she loves.
As she sleeps in her makeshift prison, she forms a psychic connection with a man she has never seen. She knows he is searching for her in the Colorado mountains, and she wonders; if she is to survive, will a stranger be willing to risk everything?

For Ben Drake, a simple road trip to Colorado turns into a dangerous and deadly confrontation when his plans are interrupted by the mysterious disappearance of Maeve and her two young children. Ben is compelled to keep searching for the missing family near a cabin he discovers deep in the woods, with nothing to guide him but his very own questionable psychic visions.

Ben wonders, even if his instincts prove right, what would he sacrifice for a woman he’s never even met?

Pay Attention brings psychological thriller and paranormal mystery together in an emotionally intelligent, suspenseful fight for survival.
Find out why this reader says "The author has a great writing style and the plot flows flawlessly. I would honestly put this book in the same category as James Patterson and Michael Connelly. It is just that good!" ~Bearcourage.

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