Blood of a Phoenix (The Nix Series Book 2)

If you love action and adventure books, this book Blood of a Phoenix (The Nix Series Book 2) is difinitely for you! The book is in the Mystery, Thriller, genre(s) and is filled with amazing , Psychics characters that you’ll enjoy! Shannon Mayer does a fantastic job at world building and you’ll find the characters realistic with their own personalities – you’ll either learn to love or hate! There are 352 pages and is published by Hijinks Ink Publishing (September 2, 2017)! We encourage you to read this summary below and please let us know what you think of the book, Blood of a Phoenix (The Nix Series Book 2)!


I thought that going after those who’d destroyed my life would help me move on. At the very least, that it would ease the thirst for vengeance singing in my blood. I was wrong.

With my guns at my side, I continue to search for ways to punish the one man who took everything from me. The man who killed my family. Death is far too good for him.

I want to make him suffer, to take from him everything he loves.

To that end, I need a code breaker, one who deals in magical glyphs. But in the hunt for her, I discover there are far more secrets to my life, and my blood, than I ever could have imagined.

Secrets that are burning their way out of the past and the shadows.

A promise dangled in front of me by the enemy of my enemy is too sweet to ignore. And I will cast all my cards on the table for the one chance that the promise he offers is true.

That my son is alive.

God help those who stand between my boy and me.


"If you love Shayne Silvers, Darynda Jones, KF Breene, Laurell K Hamilton, or Sandra Brown, you will want to take this ride with Mayer and the Nix Series."

Review This series . . .It's gritty.  . . like riding some crazy river rapids where the bottom drops out and you wonder if the characters will make it through. ~ Reviewer I cannot praise this book enough, it had me gripped from beginning to end and was gutted when it finished. . .  ~ Reviewer This book was action packed from start to finish. I didn't want it to end! ~ Reviewer I was transported into the story from the beginning. ~ Reviewer

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