author: Melissa F. Olson

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Shadow Hunt (Disrupted Magic Book 3)

If you love action and adventure books, this book Shadow Hunt (Disrupted Magic Book 3) is difinitely for you! The book is in the Non-Romantic,Mystery,,Thriller genre(s) and is filled with amazing Witches & Wizards,,Werewolves & Shifters,Vampires,Ghosts characters that you’ll enjoy! Melissa F. Olson does a fantastic job at world building and you’ll find the characters realistic with their own personalities – you’ll either learn to love or hate! There are 308 pages and is published by 47North (February 13, 2018)! We encourage you to read this summary below and please let us know what you think of the book, Shadow Hunt (Disrupted Magic Book 3)!

Boundary Broken (Boundary Magic Book 4)

We enjoy this Thriller book, Boundary Broken (Boundary Magic Book 4) writting by Melissa F. Olson. It’s an action and adventure book filled with mythical and legendary Werewolves & Shifters,,Witches & Wizards,Vampires,Ghosts characters and it’s in the Horror,,Non-Romantic,Mystery,Thriller genre! You’ll enjoy the 347 pages and wish there were more! We hope you enjoy the book, and let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below!

Boundary Haunted (Boundary Magic Book 5)

Looking for an adventure and action book? You’ll want to read this book, Boundary Haunted (Boundary Magic Book 5) in the Horror,,Non-Romantic,Mystery,Thriller filled with Ghosts,Vampires,Werewolves & Shifters, characters you’ll grow loving as the story progress! It’s written by Melissa F. Olson with 314 pages and published by 47North (December 3, 2019). We hope you pick up this book, and please leave a comment!