author: K.A. Liddiard

Karen (KA) Liddiard writes contemporary thrillers with a futurist tweak, a twist of adventure and a dash of romance, because who doesn’t need time out in between saving the world? Like Michael Crichton weaving a great adventure after extracting DNA trapped in amber, Karen teases scientific possibility into intriguing encounters with current reality. Her debut series, The Alexa Chronicles, is a page-turning escape that explores the ultimate life do-over with the classic be careful what you wish for twist!While she lacks the fighting skills of her feisty heroines; Karen has survived teaching angst-ridden teenagers how to read and write proper-like; the epic pettiness (and sharp knives) of corporate politics and the moral ambivalence of selling business software that almost works but no-one will use. She enjoys launching fast cars down a freeway and on weekends she’ll sling an SUV through dust, dirt and ruts to get to the perfect Aussie outback campfire destination to enjoy with her partner and their bark-aholic fur-kid.As a reader, I delight in stories that take me on an adventure with characters who I want to call my friends. I rejoice when villains get their just desserts as their wicked plots are defeated. Because I’m a glutton for entertaining writing; I read across many genres and enjoy a sweeping historical romance, an epic fantasy or nail-biting thriller; liberally salted with some sci-fi, comedy and crime.But I am always intrigued by the near possible; the scientific breakthroughs that nudge us towards one of many potential futures. And so, the science and the technology of my stories provide an intriguing background of “what if this was already possible?”Above all else, it is the adventure of the characters who inhabit my imagination and demand I share their stories that is important. I hope you will enjoy meeting my characters as much as I have revelled in creating them. And if you find they are fast becoming your favorite new imaginary friends then you’ll be pleased to know that their adventures continue beyond just one book.Happy reading!

Twisting Fate (Alexa Chronicles Book 2)

If you love action and adventure books, this book Twisting Fate (Alexa Chronicles Book 2) is difinitely for you! The book is in the Thriller genre(s) and is filled with amazing characters that you’ll enjoy! K.A. Liddiard does a fantastic job at world building and you’ll find the characters realistic with their own personalities – you’ll either learn to love or hate! There are Print length‏:‎392 pages and is published by Publisher‏:‎Masterclass Publishing (January 3, 2020)! We encourage you to read this summary below and please let us know what you think of the book, Twisting Fate (Alexa Chronicles Book 2)!

Defying Destiny: A near future technothriller (Alexa Chronicles Book 1)

The book Defying Destiny: A near future technothriller (Alexa Chronicles Book 1) written by K.A. Liddiard has Print length‏:‎326 pages and is published by Publisher‏:‎Masterclass Publishing (January 2, 2020). You’ll enjoy this action and adventure book in the Thriller genre and if you love mystical characters, you’ll love this book! Read the summary and information below for more information!